Who do I contact for technical support?


  • Clients should first reference the SUPPORT heading on their organization's portal homepage for further details.
  • If no details are provided under the SUPPORT heading, clients can send a secure private message to their practitioner by logging into their VTConnect account and clicking "Messages" from the top right menu or by clicking the "View & Send Messages" link from the portal homepage.


  • All staff within an organization can securely message the VTConnect Support team directly when logged into their organization's VTConnect portal. 
  • Staff can either click "Contact" from the top right menu or click the "Contact VTConnect Support" link from the portal homepage.
  • All VTConnect Support messages are answered as quickly as possible!

NOTE, If none of the options above are available to a client or a staff member, then a non secure email can be sent to support@vtconnect.net. Please do not include any protected health information in an email, as email is not a HIPAA compliant communication option.