Who do I contact for technical support?


Clients should first contact the the organization they are working with for non-technical issues. It is up to your organization to determine if the non-technical issue is something that needs to be directed to the VTConnect Support Team.

If you are experiencing a technical Issue and have been unable to resolve the issue after consulting the Technical Support FAQ's, please Contact Us to get support from the VTConnect Support Team.  Please note, the Contact Us form is not secured with encryption, so please do not use to send confidential information.

Step 1: Check the SUPPORT heading on your organization's VTConnect Office Portal homepage for specific instructions from your Organization about how you should contact them for support with non-technical issues.

    Step 2: If no details are provided under the SUPPORT heading, clients can send a secure private message to their practitioner by logging into their organization's VTConnect Office Portal and clicking "Messages" from the top right menu or by clicking the "View & Send Messages" link. 
      Step 3: To contact the VTConnect Support Team for technical issues, Contact Us or call 703-988-5691. Please note, This Contact Us form is not secured with encryption, so please do not use to send confidential information.

      FOR STAFF:

      For quickest response, login and message the VTConnect Support team directly from your Office Portal. These messages are closely monitored and receive priority response.

      Step 1: Staff can either click "Contact" from the top right menu or click the "Contact VTConnect Support" link from the portal homepage.
        Step 2: Staff may also call 703-988-5691. If it is outside of normal business hours, please leave a voicemail and someone will follow-up as quickly as possible.

          NOTE, If none of the options above are available to a client or a staff member, then a non secure email can be sent to support@vtconnect.net. Please do not include any protected health information in an email, as email is not a HIPAA compliant communication option.