What if the audio and/or video freezes, is choppy or is out of synch during a session?

  • If this occurs, it is likely the result of one or both parties not having sufficient network bandwidth to support the default quality settings for the video session.
  • If either party in the session is using a PC, you can try to manually lower the session quality by clicking on the gear icon in the top right and choosing a lower setting - this often will correct any video issue.
  • Network bandwidth can be negatively impacted by other Apps running or other users on the same network during a VTConnect Session. Often just turning off other Apps and/or asking others to stay off the network will free up the necessary bandwidth for a successful session.
  • You can check your network bandwidth to confirm you have the required 1.5 Mbps upload/1.5 Mbps download minimum requirements by going to http://speakeasy.net/speedtest/.
  • If you determine it is not a network issue, we suggest you try an alternate device, as the issue may be due to older hardware and/or an older operating system.