What is the Practice Directory feature and how does it work?

The Practice Directory offers your organization the ability to provide prospective and existing clients a listing and details about available practitioners within your organization.
In addition, for both existing and prospective clients it allows clients to send a secure private message directly to a practitioner.

If enabled, a button to the Practitioner Directory will appear on your Office Portal homepage for non-logged in users and for logged in users. Click HERE to learn how to enable and manage your Practitioner Directory.

    Clicking the button "Practitioner Directory" will take the user to a page that lists any Practitioners from your organization that have the option "List in the Practice Directory" enabled in their Staff record.  

      Clicking the button "Learn More" will take the user to the full listing for the practitioner which will show any information that was entered into the directory fields in the Staff account.
        Clicking the button "Send a Message" will allow existing and prospective clients to send a message directly to the practitioner listed.