VTConnect Payment Integration

Edit the Organization Optional Info Section to Integrate Your Preferred Payment Processing Method

Only for Organizational Administrator(s)

VTConnect offers a flexible platform to integrate a variety of payment processing solutions. These solutions can be integrated into the VTConnect Portal by updating the Organizational Information Tab which can be edited by Organization Administrator(s) only.

OPTION 1: There is a field to enter a Payment URL to direct clients to your organization's payment website. 

  • Use this field to enter any URL that you wish to link clients to for payment processing. 
  • This field can be used to link directly to your existing website payment page or another 3rd party payment website that your organization utilizes.

OPTION 2: There is a field to copy and paste HTML code to direct clients to your payment processor.

  • You can contact your payment processor directly to ask how to create the HTML code needed to display their link and/or button.
  • Below you can find some useful links to instructions from some popular 3rd party payment processors on how to create payment links and/or buttons for their solutions:
    • Click here to connect to the PayPal standard button creation instructions. 
    • Click here to connect to the Authorize.net simple checkout instructions.
    • Click here to connect to the Stripe integrated checkout instructions.
    • NOTE: We do not endorse any of the above 3rd party solutions - these instructions are provided for the convenience of our customers.

Be sure to click "Save" when you are finished adding any information.