Upload Client Forms and Documents

Only Organizational Administrator(s) can upload client forms and documents

STEP 1: Login to the VTConnect Portal with the credentials established for your account.

STEP 2: Find the link to view and manage client forms and documents. 

Option 1: From the Portal home page, click on the link in the SETUP menu, "View and manage client forms and documents". 

Option 2: From the Organization Tab, click the link under FORMS AND DOCUMENTS, "View and manage client forms and documents". 
STEP 3: Click the "Upload" button located in the upper left corner.
STEP 4: Choose a document from your computer to upload.
NOTE: Documents must be saved first as a PDF file in order to upload. The maximum file size for upload is 3MB. Only one document may be uploaded at a time.
STEP 5: Enter a Form Name that will be displayed for clients. We recommend choosing a name that concisely describes the form to the client, i.e. Consent for Online Treatment, No Show Policy, etc. The Form Name can be edited later if necessary. 
STEP 6: Select the Document Type, either Required e-Signature or Available for Download. The options are explained in detail below:
Required e-Signature Document(s) will be immediately added to the registration process for all new clients and all existing clients will be required to sign on their next VTConnect App or Portal login.
For new clients using Front End Client Registration: The e-signature is captured during the registration process:
For new clients created using Back End Client Registration: The e-signature is captured during the Establish Credentials process:
For existing clients: The e-signature is captured either the next login to the VTConnect App (must have the latest app version installed - VTConnect 3.2.7) or on the next login to the VTConnect Portal.
When logging into the App, they will be presented with the following:
When logging into the Portal, they will be presented with the following:

Available for Download Document(s) will be added to the list of Forms & Documents on your VTConnect Portal homepage so logged in clients can download/print and return to your organization. See below for the client view of a document available for download:
STEP 7: Enter Form Instructions if desired. These instructions will be displayed to the client (see image above). It is important if you are uploading an Available for Download Document to provide instructions on how the client should return the completed form to the organization. 
STEP 8: Click the blue "Create" button located on the bottom right to save the document.