How do I update my profile information?

To Update Name, Address, or Telephone Number:

Contact your practitioner(s) or organization(s) with required updates by sending a secure message through the VTConnect Office Portal.

To Update Email Address:

Login with your credentials to the VTConnect Office Portal
Click Manage Account from drop-down Login menu on the top right
Then click the link to "Change your email address"
    Enter the new email address
    Click the Change Email button
      NOTE: Changing your email will log you out of the Office Portal. You will not be able to login again until you check your email and confirm your email address.
      For Practitioners ONLY - How to update your Directory Listing
      Login with your credentials to the VTConnect Office Portal
      Go to the Staff top menu
      Click on your name in the list
      Click Edit
      Update any fields under the heading Practice Directory
      To upload a profile image follow the instructions HERE
      Click SAVE when done