Troubleshooting ideas for video issues during a session

Be sure to test your video in-app prior to entering the session to make sure you have the correct hardware selected on your device and that it is functioning properly. To do so, click the "hamburger icon" in the upper left and click the Test buttons for microphone and speakers.

If the other participant(s) can not see you and you can't see yourself, check your system settings to make sure that the app has the proper permissions set to allow the app to access your camera. 

If any participant(s) experience video issues during a session (freezing, choppy, or missing video feed), ask the participant(s) to exit and rejoin the session, as this often will resolve the issue.

If the issue is with the host's video, end the session and try again.

If video issues persist, it may be due to CPU and network constraints. Network bandwidth can be negatively impacted by other Apps running or other users on the same network during a VTConnect Care Session. 

Participants should check their network bandwidth to confirm the required 1.5 Mbps upload/1.5 Mbps download are available. A quick check can be done by visiting

Often just turning off other apps and/or asking others to stay off the network will free up the necessary bandwidth for a successful session.

Make sure all participant(s) in the session meet all of our Minimum System Requirements.

If you are hosting a group session, try reducing the number of participants in the session.

If you determine it is not a network issue, we suggest you try an alternate device, as the issue may be due to older hardware and/or an older operating system.