Security and Protection Features of the VTConnect Technology

Data Encryption and Privacy

The VTConnect platform was built to protect and comply with government standards - HIPAA. We achieve this thru the application of architecture design as well as underlying technologies. The following are some of the technical security features:

  1. Operating system level disc encryption for data storage.
  2. All communications process thru independent channels. Each channel is encrypted.
  3. All website interactions are SSL secured.
  4. Separate data centers for application layer and database back-end with encrypted connection between centers.
  5. Triple redundant backup processed on-line, on-line with a separate hardware stack, and off data center.

Type of Data Stored

  1. Top level organization information.
  2. Department information.
  3. Staff details including contact information, role, permissions, and associations to departments and clients.
  4. Client details including contact information, and associations to staff members.
  5. Session information including date/time, participant identifiers, and when started/stopped.

Application Controls

Within the application itself there has been extensive care to provide access permissions so that administrators, care coordinators, practitioners and patient associations are built with protection and each entity is controlled to its appropriate level. This extends to the reporting system as well.