How to quickly add clients for secure telehealth to the VTConnect Office Portal

The ability to add clients requires a staff to have the Organizational Administrator, Department Administrator, or Department Care Coordinator role

To connect with clients for secure telehealth using the VTConnect Care App, you must have client accounts created in the VTConnect Office Portal.

To quickly do this from the back end, watch this short video or follow the instructions below:

Back End Client Account Creation Instructions:

Login to with your VTC credentials

Click on the Clients top menu item

Click the "Create New" button 

Fill in the applicable fields [First Name, Last Name, Email, and DOB are required]

Associate the client to a practitioner [See the large red arrow in the graphic below] If this is NOT done, the client will not show up in the VTConnect Care App and you will not be able to connect for sessions. NOTE: If you are an individual practitioner, this association will be automatically made for you!

Click the "Create" button

    Add a client for secure telehealth in the VTConnect Office Portal

    Note: The client will be sent an automatic email notification of the account creation and a link to define their username and password. If your client does not receive the email, suggest they check their Junk folder.

    If you do not want to set up your client accounts and would prefer the clients register on their own with your VTConnect Office Portal or if you want more detailed instructions to manage clients, click HERE.