How do I manage Office Portal email notifications?

By default, the VTConnect Office Portal sends an email notification to the email associated with a user’s account for the following:

  1. A new private message is received.
  2. A new client account is created from the front-end registration, and email is sent to staff within an organization that have the appropriate roles to receive these notifications.

How to Manage Your Notifications:

Log in to the VTConnect Office Portal.

Either Click your username at the top right of the page to bring down the drop-down menu and select “Manage Account”

Click the link “Manage your notifications” next to the “Notifications” heading.

Or from the Office Portal home page you can click the link to “Manage your notifications” under the heading “YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNT”. 

In the Notification Settings, you will see the types of notifications that your account can receive, and you can choose to turn them on or off and click Save.  

    Clients will only see “Private Messages” in their notification settings.

    Only staff with a care coordinator, department administrator, or organizational administrator role will see “Receive New Client Notifications” in their notification settings.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: For staff with the organizational administrator role. Even when the notification settings are turned off, the system will still send email notifications for the following:
    New client accounts created when during registration for Department the client chooses "Not sure".