Email template to invite clients to self-register for VTConnect secure telehealth

We want to make inviting your clients to use VTConnect secure teleheatlh as easy as possible, so we have crafted the email template below that you can customize, copy and send!

This email below should be sent to clients that you want to register for their VTConnect account on their own. By default, your VTConnect Portal Account is set to auto-approve client registrations, so all you need to do is to invite your clients to register by sending them this email or posting this information on your website. We notify you by email when they register, then you can connect with them for secure telehealth using the VTConnect Care App!

Click HERE for more detailed information on the client self-registration process.

The highlighted sections provide instructions for you to edit the highlighted text and then replace it with the new content.

Email Template:

Dear Client,

To connect for HIPAA complaint telehealth sessions, I am using VTConnect. Before we meet for secure video and chat, there are a few easy steps I need you to complete.

Step 1: Go to [To find the link to paste here, be sure you are logged out of your VTConnect Office Portal, click Register at the top right, copy and paste the URL that will be displayed in your browser here - will look like this: PRACTICE NAME/Account/Register] and complete the registration form. Then be sure to check your email after you register to confirm your account!

Step 2: Download the VTConnect Care App by visiting the VTConnect Office Portal and clicking the link for your device. Or for Mac, iOS, and Android devices, you can go directly to your App store and search VTConnect Care.

Step 3: Check out the FAQ on How to join a VTConnect Care Session which has a brief video and written steps you can follow.

A couple of tips for successful telehealth sessions that I would like to highlight:

  • The use of headphones or earbuds is recommended to optimize the audio.
  • Be sure to plug in or connect your headphones before the start of the session!
  • Prior to your session, turn off any unnecessary apps running on your device.
  • If possible, during your session, limit any streaming or other activities on your network so that you can enjoy the highest quality connection. 

If you have any difficulties with registration or technical difficulties with the VTConnect Care App, please reach out to the VTConnect support team by sending an email to or calling them at 703-988-5691. 

Kind Regards,
<Your Name>