How do I send/receive secure messages?

  • Login to your VTConnect Portal account.
  • Click your username at the top right of the page to bring down the drop-down menu and select “Messages” or you can go to your Portal homepage and click the link under “Your Messages”.

  • To compose a message, first click the “Compose” button.

  • Then use the drop-down menu next to “To” to select the intended recipient for the message. (Note: you are only able to send messages to the users in your list – click HERE for an explanation of who you can message depending on your VTConnect role)
  • Enter the subject and body of the message.
  • Then you may choose to either “Send”, “Save Draft”, or “Cancel” the message using the buttons at the bottom left of the page.

  • To view a message, simply click on the message from the list
  • Then you can use the buttons at the bottom to “Reply”, “Print”, “Archive”, or “Delete” the message.