How to approve a new secure telehealth client registration

To connect for secure video teleheatlh sessions with the VTConnect Care app, new client registrations must first be approved. Once this process is complete, you and your client can meet for HIPAA compliant teleheatlh.

Look for a VTConnect new client email notification [If you are not receiving these notifications, review our FAQ on How to manage email notifications]

Click the link in the email to review and approve the pending client account

Login with your VTC Credentials if you are not already logged in

Click the client name in the Pending client list

secure telehealth pending client list

Click Approve this Account button

approve pending secure teleheatlh client

Note: Once approved, the client will automatically be moved to your Active client list. If you are an individual practitioner, all steps are completed and you can now connect with the VTConnect Care App for secure video teleheatlh sessions. If you are part of a group practice, you still need to edit the active client account to make pracitioner associations before connecting for secure video telehealth sessions with VTConnect Care.