How to add clients through self-registration

Client self-registration is the easiest way for you to add clients to your VTConnect secure telehealth platform! 

Simply invite your clients to register, we notify you by email when they complete their registration, then you can immediately connect with them for a session! With VTConnect you can meet with your clients anytime you want, no email links need to be sent out, you both just launch the VTConnect Care App and connect!

How does client self-registration work?

  • Invite clients to go to your unique VTConnect Portal URL and click the Register link in the upper right corner. Click HERE to access our email template to invite your clients.
  • During registration, the client is asked to select a practitioner or to choose "not sure" (Note: For individual practitioners the selection is made automatically for the client and "not sure" is not an option).
    • If a practitioner is selected during registration, the client account will be automatically approved and associated to that practitioner. The client will immediately be able to connect with the practitioner for secure telehealth using the VTConnect Care App.
      • A new client account email notification will be sent to the practitioner if they have their new client notifications enabled and they have a Care Coordinator, Dept. Admin, or Org. Admin role. 
    • If "not sure" is selected, the account will be approved, but a staff with the correct role will need to login to the VTConnect Office Portal and associate the client to a practitioner before the client will be able to connect for secure telehealth using the VTConnect Care App.
      • A new client account email notification will be sent to the Org. Admin(s) with a message to review the client record and assign to a practitioner.
  • After the client completes the brief registration, they must check their email and click a link to confirm their email.
  • Once their email is confirmed, they will receive an email with a link to view three steps to get started with VTConnect as illustrated earlier.
Click HERE to view the detailed instructions on how clients self-register. 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you would prefer to manually approve client registrations, the Organizational Administrator can do so by editing the Organization information, checking the box under Client Management, and clicking Save.
    Manually Approve Client Registrations