How does the inquiry process for new customers work?

Prospective clients can send messages to the general organization or to a specific staff member within the organization.

For a general inquiry to the organization:

  • Prospective client clicks the send a message button or link on the portal landing page:

  • If the prospective client doesn’t already have a VTConnect Portal Account, they will be required to create one and login before being directed to the private message create screen.
  • This general inquiry message will be sent to any staff with the care coordinator, department administrator, or organizational administrator role AND with the receive new client notification setting turned on.
  • Anyone in the organization that receives this message can send a secure reply.

For a specific inquiry to a staff member within the organization:

  • From the Directory Listing, the prospective client must click on a practitioner to view their full directory listing.
  • The prospective client clicks the send a message button.

  • This inquiry message will only be sent to the individual staff member.
  • The staff member can send a secure reply. 

NOTE: You can also integrate the New Customer Inquiry process into your organizational website and/or marketing materials. For further instructions click HERE.