How do I start a video/chat session with a client?

How to Connect for a Video or Chat Session

  • Launch the VTConnect App from your device
  • Login with the account credentials established for the organization you are working with

  • From the Appointment Screen click on the person in the list with whom you have an appointment with and click the button "Connect VTC Session" to enter the Treatment Room.
  • Listen for the “ding” to alert that the client has entered the Treatment Room and then click “Begin” in the top left corner to start the session. Notice the text area below the video box provides session details and displays any chat messages received or sent. You can pause the audio and/or video at any time by clicking the icons in the upper right hand corner, but when paused you still can use the text-chat feature.
  • Click the "End" button when your session is complete. Note: Only the practitioner can end a session - if a client exits the treatment room you will receive notice in the text-chat window and if the client returns to the App they will be offered the opportunity to re-join the session in progress.