HIPAA Privacy and Security

The VTConnect platform was built to protect and comply with the government guidelines in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). Here are just some of the ways VTConnect supports the privacy and security needs of users:

  • SSL encryption across all our websites
  • Password protected with passwords that meet the Microsoft strong password guidelines
  • Password protected and encrypted private messaging system
  • End to end encrypted video teleconferencing and real-time text chat sessions using the proprietary VTConnect Care App
  • All Protected Health Information (PHI) that is stored on our database servers is secured using proven industry standards for data protection
  • Routine automatic backups and periodic manual backups that comply with HIPAA guidelines for data storage and security
  • Processes for monitoring and auditing our network to insure HIPAA Security Standards are met
  • We execute a Business Associate Agreements (BAA) with all of our subscribing practitioners and organizations, which transfers the legal liability for compliance with HIPAA to us.