Featured Customer

Dominion Hospital was thrilled to announce in December 2016, that virtual therapy had launched at the facility. Prospective patients, current families and care providers can use VTConnect’s secure platform and Dominion’s customized web portal for HIPAA compliant video teleconferencing and real time chat.

A few years back, a connection had been made between the folks at VTConnect and the hospital. After launching the Reflections Eating Disorder Treatment Program, Dominion piloted using the VTConnect platform to bring education around eating disorders in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

In the summer of 2016, dialogue at the hospital around the increase in admissions from outside the Washington DC metro area, brought the concept of virtual therapy back for discussion. Dominion had already been utilizing a telescreening platform to assist with care coordination with the local Community Service Boards (CSBs), but was interested in providing better access to services for Dominion families and other stakeholders.

Dominion Hospital has placed VTConnect software and webcams and speaker bars on computers on its Child, Adolescent, Adult, and Reflections Units, as well as in the Assessment and Referral (Admissions) department. Clinical therapists can conduct family meetings and coordinate care and discharge planning with loved ones and care providers using the VTConnect platform. The Assessment and Referral office can utilize the platform to assist in making decisions regarding intake and required level of care. Dominion Hospital is excited at all the opportunities and potential applications that the VTConnect platform has to offer.  

As technology continues to open new doors, Dominion hopes that the use of VTConnect will further establish them as the premium provider of mental health care in the region!