To Connect for Secure Video Teleheatlh Sessions
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 Learn how to host or join a VTConnect Care secure telehealth session

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Quick Start Info for VTConnect Enterprise Telehealth Users
    Quick Start Info for Virtual Therapy Connect Users
      General VTConnect Care App FAQs
      General VTConnect Office Portal FAQs

      Email template to notify clients you registered them for VTConnect

      Email template to invite clients to front-end register for VTConnect

      How to quickly add staff

      How to update my email address and profile information

      How to turn off/on email notifications

      How to access my organization's forms and documents

      How to send/receive a secure message

      Who am I able to message using the secure message system?

      How can a prospective client send a secure message?

      For Practitioners, how to update my directory information

      For Practitioners, how to add/change my profile image

      HIPAA Privacy and Security

      Technical Support FAQs

      How to troubleshoot video issues

      How to troubleshoot audio issues

      What are the password requirements?

      What if I forget my username and/or password?

      How do I update my current or expired password?

      How many participants can join a group session?

      What if I can't find or open the VTConnect Care App after installation?

      How to I enable access to the Camera/Microphone on my Mac

      How to allow VTConnect Care App through your firewall

      When does VTConnect conduct its weekly routine system maintenance?

      What are the minimum system requirements?

      Who do I contact for technical support?

      Detailed VTConnect Office Portal FAQs

      Detailed Office Portal set up steps for Org Admin

      How to customize my Office Portal

      How to manage departments 

      How to manage staff

      How to delete a staff account

      How to manage clients

      How to delete a client account

      How to upload client forms and documents

      How manage client forms and documents 

      How to view a client's e-Signature record

      How to integrate payment processing

      Learn more about the Practice Directory

      How to enable and manage the Practice Directory

      How to run reports

      How to add secure messaging to your website

      Contact Us if you have additional questions with regards to VTConnect.