How do I establish my VTC credentials after the recent upgrade?

If your current VTC login credentials were established while registering at the Virtual Therapy Website prior to 3/21/20, you will need to establish new credentials.

If you are a provider, you were sent an email with the subject "Action Required, the VTC Account UPGRADE is Complete!" and if you are a client, you were sent an email with the subject, "ACTION REQUIRED: NEW Virtual Therapy Connect Platform is HERE!!" Please check your inbox, spam, or junk mail.

If you are unable to find the email or the link in the email isn't working for you, please follow these steps:

    1. Go to .
    2. Click Log In.
    3. Click Forgot Password.
    4. Check your email for a link to set up your credentials.

    Make sure you have also updated from our VTConnect App to our new VTConnect Care App. If you try to launch the older version, you will be prompted to update before you will be able to connect. If you do not have a previous version of the VTConnect App on your device, you can download the latest version at