3 Easy Steps to Connect with Clients for Secure Telehealth with VTConnect

For Practitioners:

Step 1: Invite your clients to self-register or add your own client accounts.

Option 1: Direct your clients to self-register at your VTConnect Office Portal. Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to add clients through self-registration. Once the client completes their self-registration, we will send you an email notification and you can immediately connect with them for a session.  

Note: We have an email template you can use to invite your clients to self-register, click HERE to access the template.

Option 2: Quickly add your clients to the VTConnect Office Portal and an email will be sent to your clients so they can register, click HERE to learn how.

Note: We have an email template you can use to notify clients that you you are using VTConnect and will be creating an account form them, click HERE to access the template.

Step 2: Install the VTConnect Care App

Choose from the links below to install the VTConnect Care App:
Image result for download on the mac app store badge 
Image result for download on app store Image result for download on google play badge


Step 3:  Launch the VTConnect Care App from your device to connect with your clients anytime you want to meet, no need to schedule an appointment in our system!

Watch this short video to learn how!