How to delete a staff account

The ability to delete staff accounts requires a staff to have the Organizational Administrator or Department Administrator role

NOTE: You may only Delete a staff account if there is no VTConnect Care session data associated with the account. If there is session data, you will only have the option to Inactivate the account.

Steps to Delete a Staff Account:

Login to

Click top Staff top menu

View (Active or Inactive) Staff list

Click a Staff in the list

Click the Delete button on the bottom right [If Delete is not an option, you will only see an Inactivate button]

NOTE: Deleting a staff removes their connections to departments and clients

If you wish to proceed, Click Delete. If not, Click Cancel or Inactivate.

Steps to Inactivate a Staff Account:

Login to

Click top Staff top menu

View (Active or Inactive) Staff list

Click a Staff in the list

Click the Inactivate button on the bottom right

Staff will be moved to your Inactive Staff list and if the staff had been a practitioner, the staff will also be removed from your Appointment screen in the VTConnect Care App.