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VTConnect Key Features

Virtual Treatment Room 
- Easily connect with clients for convenient distant virtual treatment sessions using our proprietary application built specifically for telehealth that includes the following features: 

  • HIPAA Privacy and HiTech Compliant 
  • Cross Platform Compatible - Connect for sessions using a PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device.
  • Real-Time Instant Messaging - Send/receive chat messages during a session.
  • Interface that Mimics the In-Office Experience - This unique, user-friendly interface was designed specifically to make clients feel more comfortable with distance treatment.
  • Connect with Families or Groups  - COMING SOON!!!! Our proprietary App will soon be updated to allow you to bring together multiple people into one treatment session.

Virtual Office - Effectively manage your virtual treatment platform with our simple to use online administrative portal that offers the following value-added features: 

  • Quick Client Account Creation - Direct your clients to your VTConnect Portal for front-end client registration or quickly add existing clients using back-end client account creation.
  • Administrative Flexibility - Easily add staff with different roles and permissions and leverage the options to add multiple departments and locations. 
  • Secure Private Messaging - Staff and clients can send and receive encrypted private messages, and prospective clients can securely contact a specific provider or your general organization.
  • Forms & Documents FeatureElectronically share client forms and documents with the option to collect an e-signature or request clients complete and digitally upload to their client record.
  • Practitioner Directory - Easy to create and add a practitioner directory to your VTConnect Portal so existing and prospective clients can learn more about your providers and contact them securely.
  • Seamless Integration Into Existing Website - Add your unique VTConnect Portal URL link to your existing website for direct client access to your telehealth platform. You can also add a link to your website and/or marketing materials that will allow anyone using that link to send a secure private message.
  • Robust Reporting Capabilities - Easily track your telehealth sessions with the capability to generate customized reports that can be exported to your EHR system.
  • Payment Integration - Add a 3rd party payment solution to allow clients to conveniently pay for sessions.
  • Customize - Add your logo and colors to match your branding.
  • Direct Connection to Support - Staff can easily and securely connect to VTConnect Support by clicking a button in your VTConnect Portal and sending an encrypted message that will be given a priority response.

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