Client steps to prepare and connect for VTConnect Care

Prepare for Virtual Care Sessions:

  • STEP 1: Establish your login credentials. You will either need to go to your provider’s VTConnect Office Portal and click Register to create an account and establish your login credentials or you will receive an email with the subject “VTConnect for <Provider Name> account established” with a link to establish your login credentials.
  • STEP 2: Install the FREE VTConnect Care App by going to the VTConnect Office Portal or by going to your device's App store and searching VTConnect.
  • STEP 3: Review the minimum system requirements, also posted on the Office Portal. Note: A headset or earphones are recommended to insure optimal audio during sessions.

Connect for Virtual Care Sessions:

  • STEP 1: Launch the VTConnect Care App from your device at your appointment time.
  • STEP 2: Test your Camera, Microphone, and Speakers by clicking the “hamburger icon” in the upper left corner of the App, then click the test buttons and use the drop-down menus to switch devices if needed.
  • STEP 3: Sign In with your VTConnect account credentials. If you forget your password, you can reset it by going to your Provider’s Office Portal and clicking “Login”, then “Forgot your password?”
  • STEP 4: Click on your practitioner and click “Connect” to enter the Waiting Room. [Please note, if you do not see the person listed with whom you have an appointment, please contact your practitioner so they can resolve this issue for you.]
  • STEP 5: Click the “Enter” button to enter the Care Room. Note: If your practitioner is not yet available, you will remain in the Waiting Room until you hear a ding and see the “Enter” button appear.
  • STEP 6: Virtual care session starts once you enter the Care Room and your practitioner begins the session. Click the “Chat” icon in the bottom left to send a chat message. You can pause the audio and/or video, or switch audio/video devices at any time during a session by clicking the hamburger icon in the upper left corner.