What to try if the audio is echoing during a session?

  • If you are experiencing an echo of your voice, make sure both parties in the session are using headphones or ear buds. If headphones/ear buds are in use, try reducing the audio volume on the side of the device NOT experiencing the echo. If both sides have the echo, reduce the volume on both sides.
  • If either party in the session is using a PC, you can try to manually lower the session quality by clicking on the gear icon in the top right and choosing a lower setting - this often will correct the audio issue.
  • If the above suggestions do not reduce/eliminate the echo, try ending the current session and beginning a new session.
  • If the above suggestions do not reduce/eliminate the echo and you are using basic ear buds, try upgrading to a noise cancelling headset.
  • Unfortunately a few users (especially those using a Mac) do still continue to experience an echo in the audio despite following all the suggestions above, this is a known issue that our team is working to resolve in an upcoming App update. In the meantime, you might consider connecting using an alternate device.