For Practitioner accounts, how do I add or change a profile image?

How to add or change a profile image to a practitioner account:
  • Login to
  • Click the Staff menu on top
  • Click on the name of the Staff member
  • Click Edit
  • To add a profile image to a staff account, a URL of the profile image is required.[See below for How to get a URL for your profile image]
  • Enter or replace the URL for your profile image in the field "Profile Image URL" 
  • Click Save at the bottom
    NOTE: If the staff account is set to "List in the directory", the image entered will be displayed in the practice directory which can be accessed by pressing the Practice Directory Button located on your Office Portal landing page and for our Virtual Therapy Connect providers in the 3rd-Party Verified Therapist Directory.

      How to resize your profile image:

      • For best results, it is recommended the profile image be a minimum of 150px x 150px and a maximum of 300px x 300px.
      • If your image needs to be resized and you do not have software to help you do this, there are a few free online services to help:

      How to get a URL for a profile image:

      • If you have a professional profile image on Facebook or LinkedIn that you would like to use as your VTConnect profile image, go to that image, right click, and copy that image address, then paste into the Profile URL field.
      • If you don't already have a URL for your profile image, there are a few quick and free image hosting services:

      IMPORTANT NOTE: Image hosting and resizing services have widely varying terms of service, types of content, and private/public policies. Make sure you are aware of what images your image could be shown with, how they can and will use your image etc. When in doubt, don't upload sensitive images!

      If you have difficulty resizing or generating a URL for your profile image, please email the profile image to and our team will assist in getting the profile image updated.