Our Story

VTConnect.net is owned and operated by Virtual Therapy Center, LLC, an industry leader since 2009 delivering innovative, secure technology solutions to healthcare providers of all sizes - individuals, small groups, and large enterprises. With innovative solutions and unparalleled customer support, our customers are able to easily adopt and integrate technology to expand how they deliver services, who they reach, and provide the highest standard in quality care possible! 

VTConnect.net provides a premier turn-key technology solution to facilitate quality care for clients that transcends the limits of the traditional in-person treatment model. We transform successful healthcare providers into innovative, cutting edge, industry leaders who WOW their clients with an integrated, easy to use, high quality virtual treatment platform that allows clients to connect from anywhere to support their journey to wellness.

Our VTConnect.net staff is comprised of healthcare, technical, financial, legal, and marketing professionals that share the passion for utilizing technology to create innovative, secure virtual telehealth treatment solutions.

Other Virtual Therapy Center, LLC Solutions

Virtual Therapy Center, LLC also operates Virtual Therapy Connect,a full service online virtual treatment solution for private practitioners in the mental healthcare field. With a virtual online office at Virtual Therapy Connect, private practitioners have access to all the essential tools and features needed to successfully provide virtual treatment and grow their virtual practice! For more information visit: https://virtualtherapyconnect.com/