3 Easy Steps for Clients to Connect for Secure Telehealth with VTConnect

For Clients:

Step 1: Register with Your Practitioner

Option 1: Go to your practitioner's VTConnect Office Portal and click the Register menu item in the upper right. Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to self-register. 

Option 2: Look for an email with the subject "VTConnect for <Provider Name> account established” and use the link to establish your VTC login credentials. 

NOTE: If you do not know the URL for your practitioner's Office Portal and you have not received an email notification that your account is established, reach out to your practitioner or Contact VTConnect Support

Step 2: Install the VTConnect Care App

Choose from the links below to install the VTConnect Care App:
Image result for download on the mac app store badge 
Image result for download on app store Image result for download on google play badge


Step 3:  Launch the VTConnect Care App from your device to connect with your practitioner at your appointment time.

Watch this short video to learn how!