Telehealth to support a "Silver Tsunami"

There is a tsunami coming – a “Silver Tsunami” – with more than 75 million Baby Boomers becoming eligible for Medicare coverage (Milliard, 2019). Given that the federal healthcare system is already stretched thin, it is thought that telehealth and remote patient monitoring capabilities will become increasingly important to ensuring healthcare access (Milliard, 2019).  

There is an increasing recognition that telehealth can provide coverage in the evenings and overnight in facilities where doctors are not normally available 24/7, like assisted living facilities (Milliard, 2019). There are many new and exciting ways that telehealth can be used to meet the healthcare needs of the aging population in the U.S.


Milliard, M. (2019, March 25). With the Silver Tsunami on its way, telehealth is ready for its moment. Healthcare IT News. Retrieved from

Helen Nichols, PhD, MSW