Telehealth Offers Support for Hurricane Victims!

Millions of Americans have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma over the past few weeks. Many have faced evacuations, flooding, destruction, and even the loss of loved ones. Families have been displaced from their homes, some forced to reside in shelters and some seeking refuge with family and friends. These types of tragedies can leave many individuals ridden with fear and anxiety as their worlds have been forever changed. There are many organizations committed to supporting the physical needs of the victims, but it is also imperative that healthcare providers be able to support the mental health and recovery of these victims!

Telehealth offers the opportunity to provide greater access to behavioral healthcare for those in need. In the areas hardest hit, many local healthcare providers have been displaced from their physical offices as well, making it difficult for them to even support existing clients. In addition, providers that are licensed in the affected states but physically removed from the impacted areas can expand their reach and provide their services to those in need through telehealth. 

VTConnect is committed to being part of the process that helps to heal the victims of the hurricanes! To do so, VTConnect is offering 3 months FREE use of its HIPAA compliant, easy-to-use, cross-platform telehealth technology to any practitioner who is able to expand their reach into the hurricane affected areas. We know that many victims are in need of support, and VTConnect believes that providing free access to secure teleheatlh technology will encourage more healthcare providers to provide services and in turn increase the number of victims receiving the support they need! 

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