Telehealth Predicted to Transform Healthcare Delivery

According to a recently published article in The Huffington Post, How Telehealth Platforms Will Reshape U.S. Healthcare Delivery, as telehealth continues to evolve and mature, healthcare delivery in the U.S. will be transformed.

Some of the key telehealth transformations identified in the article include:

  1. Telehealth platforms will leverage doctor expertise in a coordinated effort to address doctor shortages and deliver quality care at a lower cost.
  2. Through ongoing innovation, telehealth platforms will evolve as feedback is collected and ultimately will deliver improved patient health outcomes.

Because of these telehealth transformations, the article identifies several direct implications for care delivery:

  1. Hospital functions will increasingly be outsourced to lower costs as more services and specialty care is made available via technology.
  2. Centers of excellence and centers of expertise will grow as the scope and scale of the technology platforms increase, and then a few of the platforms emerge that deliver the best care at the lowest cost.
  3. Specialized telehealth platforms will be developed at an accelerated pace as developers gain knowledge, data, and access to new emerging technology.
  4. The success of telehealth platforms will be dependent on the patient experience, the platform must deliver care that results in a high degree of patient trust and patient satisfaction.
  5. Insurance payment reimbursement models will adapt, and insurers will likely bundle payments for telehealth platforms that deliver better outcomes at a lower cost.
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