Patients want more convenient communication – they will leave if they don’t get it!

A study released last week by Solutionreach found that once patients leave the doctor’s office, they are feeling less connected than ever before. Modern expectations include things like text, email, and online communication – more than half of patients want these options. As patients continue to manage more and more of their own care, this communication becomes even more important.

In order for practices to attract new patients and retain current ones, they must become more adept at meeting these communication needs and creating meaningful relationships between patients and providers. In fact, this recent study showed that 20% of Baby Boomers, 44% of Generation X, and 42% of millennials are likely to switch practices if they do not receive more effective and convenient communication.

Ultimately, all generations are expressing a desire for online, email, and text communication options. The medical and mental health providers that are able to meet these needs are best positioned to grow and thrive in the future.

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