Pandemic, Trauma and Telehealth

In trauma we take what is happening to us that feels overwhelming, frightening and hurtful and try to create some type of perceived stability to protect ourselves.

This is accomplished by trying to hide the uncomfortable, undigested, and overwhelming emotions away in the farthest recess of our psyche so we don't feel or even recognize the emotional trauma.

When this happens, the language or communications with the overwhelming feelings is lost in order to keep the fragile facade of stability in tact, which creates a dissonance or separateness within us and with others.

We may not recognize it as such, but the dissonance from trauma often shows itself thru anxiety, OCD, depression, over or under eating, difficulty with intimate relations, use of numbing substances, and many other coping skills in order that you or your clients may be experiencing.

Healing through trauma is accomplished by:

  • Being safely heard and connecting to others who are able to relate
  • Creating a safe relationship for the traumatized person to explore
  • Finding a language to express the overwhelming feelings and begin to fully digest them

These three steps result in an integration of the psyche, and harmony within themselves and in relationships with others. It’s more important than ever we are able to walk through these steps with one another, and telehealth is the perfect platform to quickly and efficiently connect, both on an individual level or within larger community.

Safety is absolutely necessary to promote the healing of undigested traumatic experiences, and VTConnect is a tool that supports this type of engagement with one another while providing the safety of a secure HIPAA-compliant connection.