Majority of Patients Demand Virtual Healthcare Services, Providers Must Deliver

Per a new Accenture Survey of 1,501 U.S. patients, more than three-quarters of respondents indicated a desire to utilize virtual healthcare some or most of the time. But despite this demand for virtual healthcare, only one in 5 surveyed indicated that they had previously received virtual healthcare services.

Of those surveyed that had utilized care virtually, the most commonly cited reason for doing so was convenience over an in-person appointment. More than two-thirds of the patients indicated a willingness to utilize virtual services to track health indicators, for follow up appointments, and for non-urgent health exams.

“As more and more patients take control of their own healthcare in the age of consumerism, provider organizations must be able to offer meaningful choices for virtual care, in-person care and a combination of both,” said Francis Dare, managing director of Accenture’s virtual health system. 

Based on the findings from this survey, it is evident that virtual treatment is a convenient option that most patients are seeking. Providers are missing the mark in their healthcare delivery if they are not incorporating technology to expand how they deliver patient services.

Submitted by Jennifer Arute Jones, MBA