Death of George Floyd Invites Us to Heal Injustice

I am Dr. Martha Ireland the CEO and Co-Founder of Virtual Therapy Connect and VTConnect. The recent painful and traumatic events of injustice and loss that has been heard, felt, and seen around the world are a call for each of us to be part of the solution towards a lasting peaceful healing. The full deep painful awareness of the past and present human atrocities caused by fellow human beings to each other has been activated by the recent death of George Floyd. His death cries out to us that we must pause and really listen without judgement to each other, so true change and healing can occur. Blackout Tuesday this week was a powerful reminder to pause our busy lives and create space in our day to align with and support our brothers and sisters of color against all racism. VTC as a company supports the need to pause and take a breath so people’s voices can be heard, and at VTC we choose to be part of the solution.

Virtual Therapy Connect is owned and operated by Virtual Therapy Center, LLC, an industry leader since 2009 delivering innovative, secure technology solutions to mental healthcare providers. It is our mission to connect those in emotional pain to a skilled practitioner with the purpose of improving the life of the individual person, their families and their communities.

The VTC practitioners are trained to see and listen to their client’s history and experience of trauma by being fully present and honoring their fellow human being without judgement. Healing begins one person at a time. We can each begin this process by not focusing on others with judgement or with violent actions, but rather with listening to each other.

Take time to pause, be still and breathe in the energy and light of life. Notice how you breathe...are you holding your breath and feeling stuck or immobilized in your pain, or are you trying to catch your breath because you are giving your life energy away and unable to nourish yourself? Accept the invitation from George Floyd’s death to pause and heal the dissonance within yourself. Take time to really BE with your loved ones and nature...continue the intentions and practices inspired by Blackout Tuesday

The universal, generational, and personal experience of human pain and trauma exists for each of us. The ability to acknowledge, without judgement, that your personal pain exists, is the first step toward healing as a species. It is from the awareness and understanding of our own human trauma that we can listen with understanding and speak with wisdom to others that are hurting, without creating more harm and devastation.

We can consciously decide, what we as a human species will chose to create. Will we select more reprehensible deaths, damage and deepen the divide with all types of racism and traumas, while we also destroy our home called earth? Or, will we be part of the solution and create a new paradigm, a new of shared respect, understanding, justice and inclusiveness for all.

VTC will continue to support its mission as part of the solution connecting people via secure technology for the purpose of healing, and as a conduit to bring light, understanding and change into the world.  As a company, we are honoring George Floyd's death by pausing our marketing campaigns this week so that each team member has time to personally pause and reflect and connect with themselves, their family and collective voice for change. Our customer support team is still available to support our valued customers.

We encourage you to pause and support the collective healing process which George Floyd's death and so many others before him has painfully invited us to become part of. Please say yes to the invitation to heal and create positive non-judgmental change for life. Do not let the message of his death or the death of so many before him be buried into our unconscious. It is time to wake up and heal the injustice to create a world with a new consciousness of inclusiveness, understanding, fairness, respect and love.