President Obama Announces ConnectALL Initiative to provide Broadband & Access to Technology for All Americans

“The Administration has submitted its recommendation that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) reform a $1.5 billion per year Reagan-era phone subsidy program to turn it into a 21st Century national broadband subsidy to help low-income Americans get online”. Technology connectivity is essential to access knowledge, resources and tele-health treatment. The implementation of country wide Broadband access will help to provide access to tele- health services to those with needs, any place, any time and on any device across America and at all income levels.

This is a great step forward, but let’s not stop there! We must continue to advocate for new licensing laws that allow all professional licensed practitioners to practice across state lines. This is important for the public to have access to qualified professionals for mental health and medical services and to support continuity of care via secure video-teleconferencing and other secure tele-health delivery platforms.

Please work with your licensing boards, write to your senators and congressmen to help support and initiate new laws to expand the licensing and tele-health laws across the country.

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This was submitted by Dr. Martha Ireland with VTConnect.